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Debts can affect your health

When life gets difficult financially, it can affect relationships, social lives, day to day living, physical health and mental health. In many cases, debt problems go hand in hand with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Struggling with health because of debt?

Help is always available when you are dealing with financial stress. Have a look at some of our points below.

  • Talk to someone you can trust about your debt problem

    This might be a close friend or family member. Just talking to them about your how debts are affecting your life can be a weight off your shoulders. If you feel like there is no one you can trust or get support from, contact a trained professional such as a local debt charity or the CAB. You could also reach out to your GP.

  • Find a solution for your unaffordable debts

    Addressing your unaffordable debts could help alleviate some of your worries. There are a range of debt solutions available that could help you. Contact us at Debt Advice and we will be run through a brief assessment of your situation and let you know your options. Call us on 0800 043 5133 or fill in the form on this page, for confidential, no obligation advice.

  • Draft out a Budget

    If you prefer to handle your debts yourself or if you aren't quite ready to talk to someone, you might want to look at drafting a budget plan. By realistically detailing and examining your full income and expenditure you will get a visual perspective on your incomings and outgoings. This could help you work out exactly how much money you are left with every month to pay towards your debts. Fill in our online budget checker to find out how much money you could have left over each month to pay towards your debts. If you have little to no money left over each month to deal with your debts, get in touch or speak to your local CAB or debt charity.

Get debt advice

Need help with your debts?

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