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Gambling Debt

Gambling is a problem that can easily lead to the build up of debt, sometimes on an extreme scale where the gambler sees no way out of their situation. The more money you lose, the bigger the difficulty and then the more you are tempted to gamble further to try and get a break on your financial situation. But sadly, this doesn't always go to plan. Below are a few steps to try and tackle your gambling problem if it is causing difficulty financially.

  • Have a clean break from Gambling. Stop it altogether. If you can't stop altogether, you need to be more responsible by keeping track of what you are spending. You could seek help from one of the gambling charities who provide counselling for anyone who is experiencing difficulties resulting from a gambling problem – including partners and family members.
  • Take responsibility of the situation and face it.
  • Share your problems. It is good to confide in someone you trust and they may be able to help you see a way out of the problem.

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