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Gambling Debt

Gambling difficulties can easily lead to the build up of unaffordable debts. If gambling is causing you financial difficulty, you might need to seek help. Below is some information on what you can do to get started with help.

  • Seek professional help - If you think you need help with a gambling problem, you could reach out to one of the gambling charities who provide counselling and advice for anyone experiencing gambling difficulties.
    Click here to visit Gamcare

    Click here for NHS advice and useful contacts in relation to gambling
  • Speak to someone - If you prefer not to seek help from a charity or a professional, it could help to talk to a close family member or trusted friend. They may be able to help you work a way out of the problem.
  • Deal with one problem at a time - When you get the gambling situation under control, you can then focus on dealing with any unaffordable debts that ocurred as a result of gambling.

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