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Redundancy is undoubtedly a very scary experience. The first thing you think of is your financial commitments, your debts and your circumstances. It is very important to keep focused and consider your next plan of action. Find out exactly what help is available, what money you are entitled to from your employer, what benefits you are entitled to and how you can progress to getting out of the situation of unemployment.

If you are already struggling with debts and being made redundant get in touch. We can discuss your situation and let you know what steps to take and what options are out there for you to get back on track. .

Fill in the form on this page or call freephone 0800 043 5133. All of our debt advice is free and confidential.

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We listen

We find out about your debts and identify what options you have available, for addressing the situation.


We advise

We will provide information on all the debt solutions that are available for dealing with your debts.


We help

We could help you set up a formal solution to deal with your debts or signpost you to an appropriate provider or charity.

At Debt Advice we help people and companies struggling with debt and in need of help. We are an Insolvency company that provides confidential debt advice and Insolvency solutions - We primarily deal with IVAs, On assessment of your situation, we can let you know if Insolvency is the right approach for addressing your unaffordable debts or if there are other solutions that would be more suited to addressing your unaffordable debts. We can provide you with information on all options, meaning that you can take your time and make an informed and impartial choice on what you think is best way to tackle your debts.

If you are having difficulty paying your debts and need help or information, please click here to contact us and one of advisers will get in touch.

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